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Symposium on research and dissemination of probity culture held

Updated: May 23, 2024

On May 20, a symposium focusing on the research and dissemination of probity culture was organized by and held at Prince Kung's Palace Museum in Beijing. Experts from the National Museum of China, the Palace Museum, Renmin University of China, the China University of Political Science and Law, the Memorial of Mei Lanfang, the Yuanmingyuan Administration Office and the Ming Tombs Management Center gathered to discuss the ongoing "Probity Culture Education Exhibition" curated by the museum.


The exhibition is divided into three sections: "Traditional Chinese Probity Culture", "A Negative Example of Probity – Heshen" and "Steadfastly Maintaining Probity". It elucidates the essence of traditional Chinese probity culture, promotes the achievements of the Party in building a clean government and combating corruption in the new era, and combines positive guidance with admonitions to promote socialist core values. Since March of 2023, the exhibition has attracted over 600,000 visitors, earning widespread acclaim. Among them, more than 20,000 Party members and cadres from various governmental, corporate and social organizations came to visit it for specialized probity education.


The symposium aimed to promptly summarize the interim results of the exhibition, continuously improve its quality and impact, and establish it as a significant platform for enhancing the construction of a probity culture in the new era. It seeks to create a favorable environment that honors probity and rejects corruption, and to foster a societal atmosphere where honesty and ethical behavior are deeply ingrained in people's hearts.

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