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A bite of blessings: New cultural and creative product released

Updated: Feb 07, 2024

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As the Year of the Dragon approaches, Prince Kung’s Palace Museum has cooperated with Wumart Group, a Chinese retail company founded in 1994 in Beijing, to release a pastry gift box and woven fabric tote bags inspired by “fu” (blessing) culture.

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The gift box, called “One Bite of Blessings”, contains pastries of three flavors, featuring fine ingredients and intricate craftsmanship. Inspired by the assorted window designs of the museum’s Rear Building, it conveys the auspicious implication of harmony among Heaven, Earth and humanity, enhancing consumers’ shopping experience.

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Additionally, activities will be organized at Wumart stores’ Spring Festival goods markets, such as calligraphy of the Chinese character “fu”, and giving away the “Baolan fuqi” (Embracing blessings) bags. It allows citizens to appreciate the profound heritage of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum’s “fu” culture while shopping.

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The collaborative release of new cultural and creative products using the IP of the museum and Wumart Group aims to construct a new aesthetic paradigm that integrates the past and present, tradition and fashion, history and the future.

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As 2024 unfolds, the two sides will continue to launch more collaborative products, contributing to the continuous inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture.

This Chinese character “fu” was written by Emperor Kangxi (r. 1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The calligraphy “fu” engraved on a stone tablet is now well kept in the museum’s garden as the most precious treasure of the museum.

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