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Museum’s innovative project debuts at China Licensing Expo

Updated: Oct 19, 2023


Prince Kung’s Palace Museum made its debut at the 16th China Licensing Expo (CLE) held in Shanghai on Oct 17.


The exhibition area of the museum attracted visitors with its elegant and innovative design and integration of traditional aesthetics and modern art. The area’s prototype is a hall in the soon-to-be-completed “Prince Kung’s Palace Museum – Anshan Hall”.


Traditional Chinese fu (blessing) culture, along with the 24 solar terms, are intricately woven to convey wishes for the harmony between heaven, earth and human beings. The museum also offers 25 unique cultural creative products for visitors to appreciate and purchase.


The “Prince Kung’s Palace Museum – Anshan Hall” represents a significant important cultural and tourism integration initiative jointly undertaken by the museum and Shenzhen Chuangke Chaoren Culture Communication Co. Ltd. Its mission is to offer visitors an immersive cultural experience and an insight into refined traditional Chinese lifestyles.

As part of the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the museum, it will be officially lunched to the public at the museum’s garden this November.

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