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Exhibition on intangible cultural heritage represented in online literature unveiled

Updated: Sep 28, 2023


On Sept 26, a joint exhibition by Prince Kung's Palace Museum and China Literature opened, featuring intangible cultural heritage represented in online literature.

Following the launch of the 2022 online writing contest, which centered on intangible cultural heritage, a plethora of high-quality online literary works reflecting heritage preservation and the promotion of Chinese traditional culture emerged.

The exhibition, divided into three sections - “Time-honored Treasures”, “Secret Messages in Literature”, and “Fascinating Dreamscapes” - uses the light and shadow design to highlight these literary works and their intangible cultural heritage elements, arousing audiences’ interest in traditional Chinese culture represented by intangible cultural heritage from various dimensions.


Based on the themes of the literary works, the exhibition showcases diverse intangible cultural heritage pieces. On-site recreations of scenes, such as fruit pit carving and porcelain-making, depicted in the literary works immerse visitors in the novels' settings.

The exhibition also features exquisite physical displays, including fruit pit carving works and representative porcelains from the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, allowing visitors to directly appreciate the craftsmanship and rich traditional culture.

In the Guqin section, visitors can fully experience the literary work's content related to the zither through the instrument's sounds, shadows, and musical scores, creating a comprehensive and immersive cultural experience.



Through various light and shadow designs, this exhibition dynamically connects the audience with the intangible cultural heritage featured in literary works. It includes interactive elements such as a 270-degree projection of key passages from selected online literary works, downloadable Peking Opera mask memes, a paper-cut forest installation, and a dynamic lighting scroll that represents different intangible cultural heritages. Within this scroll, visitors can engage with famous characters from online literary works like "Joy of Life", "The King's Avatar" and "My Heroic Husband".

This exhibition will run until October 29th.



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