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Exhibition conjures up youth's lives in Qing Dynasty palace

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


On Sept 25, the exhibition Joy at Royal Courtyard – Youth Lives in the Qing Dynasty Palace was unveiled at the Ledao Hall of Prince Kung's Palace Museum in Beijing. This marks the museum's inaugural collaboration with the Palace Museum for an exhibition of this kind.





More than 120 artifacts, including children's attire, toys and articles of daily use, and even a baby diaper, are on display.

The exhibition also introduces the royal court's education of the young princes and princesses, which was a complex system combining Chinese and Western knowledge, the culture of Han and Manchu people, as well as military skills such as horseback archery.


Feng Nai’en, director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum, makes an address at the opening ceremony.

Feng Nai'en, director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum, expressed his hope that the public will feel the Qing (1644-1911) royal court’s pursuit of an elegant lifestyle through the exhibits and called for more attention to teenager's nutrition and health at the exhibition’s opening ceremony.


Ren Wanping, deputy director of the Palace Museum, delivers a speech at the opening ceremony.

Ren Wanping, deputy director of the Palace Museum, said the exhibition's theme of royal youths' lifestyle is inspired by the historical connection between the Prince Kung's Palace and the Forbidden City. She mentioned that the exhibition focused on the less talked about lives and education of the palace youths, which was more likely to pique the interest and strike a chord with the visitors.


Wang Jing, deputy director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum, presides over the opening ceremony.

Wang Jing, deputy director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum, presided over the opening ceremony. Feng Nai'en, Ren Wanping, Cui Jianfei, director of the Qing Dynasty History Compilation and Research Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Chen Chengjun, deputy executive director of the National Museum of China, and Huo Ruijuan, deputy director of the National Library of China jointly unveiled the exhibition.


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