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Museum-themed fashion show to debut in Paris

Updated: Sep 06, 2023

On Sept 4, Prince Kung’s Palace Museum announced its collaboration with the Culture Center of China (Centre Culturel de Chine) in Paris to jointly host the “Prince Kung’s Palace Museum Fashion Show” on Sept 27, 2023, in Paris, France.

This initiative aims to actively promote cultural and tourism exchanges between China and France and empower the international dissemination of traditional Chinese culture through fashion.


The opening show of the 2023 Sino-French Fashion Week at the Culture Center of China in Paris, themed on “Prince Kung’s Palace”, will mark the debut of the palace’s fashion brand.

Some 35 sets of high-end couture, a collaborative effort between Prince Kung’s Palace Museum and the internationally renowned fashion designer Laurence Xu, will be showcased.

The designs draw inspiration from the traditional cultural elements of Prince Kung’s Palace, and combine Western-style tailoring with classical Chinese design.

The dresses are crafted using intricate Nanjing cloud brocade (Yunjin) fabric, highlighting the craftsmanship of Miao and Suzhou embroideries. This amalgamation of design elements spotlights the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Chinese artistry, allowing the world to witness refined traditional Chinese style.


Feng Nai’en, director and Party secretary of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, Liu Hongge, director of the Culture Center of China in Paris, and Laurence Xu, delivered speeches at the event.

Also present were Peng Yubin, deputy director-general of the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Su Ning, deputy director of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, Wang Yudong, chairman of Beijing International Design Week Co., Ltd., Yang Zhihua, deputy general manager of Beijing Gehua Design Co., Ltd., Zhuang Hong, CEO of Chaoruikun Group, and Lyu Chuangjie, co-founder and CEO of NOHON International Co., Ltd.


Guests attending the news conference have a group photo.

The year 2023 marks the 59th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and the 20th anniversary of the China-France Cultural Year. The 2023 Sino-French Joint Declaration states that both countries are committed to globally promoting the protection and enhancement of cultural diversity.


The “Prince Kung’s Palace Museum Fashion Show” will provide a platform for contemporary original fashion designers from China to present innovations and achievements in Chinese fashion culture. It will help propel Chinese brands and designers to gain more exposure and recognition in the international market.



Work of the “Prince Kung’s Palace Museum Fashion Show”

Feng Nai’en expressed in his speech that Prince Kung’s Palace Museum is actively building a creative platform for contemporary design rooted in traditional culture, with ‘Prince Kung’s Palace’ as a major intellectual property (IP).

He said, “Through the establishment of brand projects for external cultural exchanges, such as the ‘Prince Kung’s Palace Museum Fashion Show’, we are exploring an effective path to 'fashion, internationalization, and diversification' of Chinese culture. Through the integration of culture and fashion, we aim to reintroduce the concept of 'elegant living' to both domestic and international audiences, and infuse ‘former elegance’ into the ‘daily lives of the Chinese people’.”


Feng Nai’en, director and Party secretary of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, delivers a speech at the news conference.


Liu Hongge, director of the Chinese Culture Center in Paris, makes an address online.


Laurence Xu, the internationally renowned fashion designer, delivers a speech.

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