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Oriental Wisdom in Sǔn Mǎo (Mortise-and-Tenon Joints): Traditional Furniture Making Techniques, a National ICH of China

Updated: Aug 24, 2023


Location: West Sector 1

Dates: Aug 21 – Sept 17, 2023

The furniture used by ancient Chinese people embodies unique era-specific aesthetics, and the use of furniture has long been deeply incorporated in traditional Chinese lifestyles.

This exhibition features more than sixty pieces (in sets) of exquisite furniture, complemented by the installation of paintings, calligraphy, flowers in vases, guqin zithers, incense tools, and distinctive antiques from Beijing, Suzhou, and Guangdong. Through static displays, dynamic presentations, and live performances, the exhibition comprehensively presents the traditional furniture making techniques of these three regions, explores the relationship between furniture and space, and creates a space for Chinese living aesthetics. It also provides a paradigm for the redefinition of traditional Chinese lifestyles in a contemporary context.

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