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Ming Dynasty Ceramics from the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Site

Updated: Aug 02, 2023


Dates: Aug 1, 2023-Sept 10, 2023

Location: Ledao Hall

Co-hosted by Prince Kung’s Palace Museum and the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum, the exhibition showcases 99 pieces (sets) of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) flower pattern-themed ceramics unearthed and restored from the Jingdezhen imperial kiln site.

The exhibition cleverly incorporates the four seasons' scenery at Prince Kung’s Palace by providing a backdrop for the gallery space and establishing a connection between the surroundings and the artifacts on display. 

It is set as a dialogue that transcends time and space, with a particular focus on the floral motifs used to decorate the ceramics. The exhibition explores the diverse functions of these vessels, from their roles in drinking tea and wine to their holding of flowers and incense as part of the refined daily ritual of life.

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