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First academic conference on princely residences kicks off

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Hosted by Prince Kung's Palace Museum, the first symposium on the history and culture of princely residences opened at the museum on July 24. Over 50 experts and scholars from 12 institutions attended the conference, including those from the Palace Museum, Prince Kung's Palace Museum, the First Historical Archives of China, and the History Museum of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. 


Feng Nai'en, director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum, addresses the opening ceremony.


Zhu Chengru, deputy director of the National Committee for Compilation of Qing History, delivers a speech at the opening ceremony.

Held at the Grand Theatre of the museum, the opening ceremony was hosted by Wang Jing, deputy director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum.


Wang Jing, deputy director of Prince Kung's Palace Museum, hosts the opening ceremony. 

Prince Kung's Palace Museum places great importance on the preservation of and research on the ancient architecture and related artifacts within the palace. "As the best-preserved and only open-to-public ancient princely residence in China," Feng Nai'en stated in the opening speech, "it is our mission to promote research on its historical and cultural aspects. The in-depth study enables for a thoughtful interpretation of the refined lifestyle of the noble class by the public, meeting their desire for a better quality of life."

The symposium has received widespread attention from scholars in the cultural heritage and Qing history fields, with a total of 45 papers submitted. The event will be held over two days and organized into seven sessions, focusing on the historical and cultural aspects of the royal mansions in the Qing Dynasty. In-depth discussions will cover various aspects, including the history, figures, architecture, gardens, mausoleum structures, archives and collections related to princely residences.

The symposium is organized by the Research Committee on the History and Culture of Princely Residences of the Forbidden City Society.


A group photo of the attendees of the symposium 

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