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IMD event cultivates students’ insights into environmental sustainability

Updated: May 26, 2023


Students pose for group photo with their collaborative work at the event

On May 16, a group of students from four primary schools in Beijing visited Prince Kung’s Palace Museum with works they and their classmates – 500 in total – had collectively created to mark the 2023 International Museum Day.

Having drawn inspiration from the architectural elements of the garden, especially the “water” and “longevity” motifs of the Qinqiu Pavilion, students illustrated the concept of “The highest virtue is like water” from the classical philosophical text Dao De Jing.

The artwork was exhibited in the courtyard of the Baoguang Chamber in the museum, utilizing elevated platform, steps, and the ground to showcase the condensed scenery of the museum's garden. It resembles the Chinese character for water (shui) when viewed from afar and presents a landscape when observed up close. The artwork embodies the idea of this event: to take care of water resources and implement “low-carbon, environmental protection and practice”.


A student inscribes the installation.

Chen Xiaowen, deputy director of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, expressed his hope that through this event, the students would become constructors that love nature, protect the environment, and actively enjoy a wonderful life. Prince Kung’s Palace Museum will continue to launch educational events to promote traditional Chinese culture and fulfill the museum’s social responsibilities.


A child takes a photo with the installation.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum. The museum will continue to organize public lectures, courses for juveniles, parent-child activities, cultural performances, and other public educational programs, creating a platform for communication and interaction between the museum and the public. This will deepen public understanding and recognition of the museum and facilitate the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese culture.

The students that participated in the event are from Beijing University Affiliated Primary School Shijingshan School, Beijing Jianxiang School, Beijing Chaoyang District Experimental Primary School Luomajiayuan Branch, and Beijing Chaoyang District Chuiyangliu Central Primary School.

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