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Rear Building

Updated: May 10, 2023


The Rear Building of Prince Kung's Palace Museum

The Rear Building is situated between the mansion and the garden of Prince Kung's Palace. It stretches over 180 meters from the east to west and is composed of 111 rooms in a row.

4b 王府景点 内页后罩楼.jpg.jpg

The Zhanji Tower of the Rear Building

The Rear Building is the longest building in all the princely residences in China and one of the three landmarks of Prince Kung's Palace.

To the east of the Rear Building is Zhanji Tower, and to the west is Baoyue Tower. The five rooms at the west end are commonly known as the "small maze", featuring the only indoor garden landscape in China. Pavilions, towers, rockeries, and streams are integrated into the house by removing the floor slabs between the two stories. These indoor gardens connect the upper and lower floors of the building, with exquisite rock arrangements, waterfalls, pavilions, towers, and bridges.

4c 王府景点 内页 后罩楼2.jpg.jpg

The long porch on the second floor of the Rear Building

Under the front eave of the building, there is a long porch. On the back wall, each room is pierced with a window. There are several diverse types of exquisitely-carved windows. The stairs were originally in the shape of a wooden rockery. In the middle of the building, slightly to the west, there is a hallway door on the first floor that leads to the garden behind the mansion.

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