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Research exhibition on Pu Xinyu’s paintings and drafts (second rotation)

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


Dates: March 25, 2023-May 21, 2023

Location: Baosha exhibition hall of the Rear Building

Pu Xinyu (or Puru, 1896-1963), is the grandson of Prince Kung and a descendent of the Aisin Gioro clan of Qing royal lineage. He is an important artist in the modern and contemporary Chinese art field.

The exhibition is curated into series, with the first rotation in 2021 showcasing a broad collection of Pu Xinyu’s paintings and drafts, which proved immensely popular. The second series, on the other hand, provides a more focused and in-depth exploration of Pu’s horse-themed paintings.

Nearly 30 horse-themed paintings by Pu, together with other horse-themed artworks created by contemporary Aisin Gioro family members kept by the museum, are on display. The artworks reflect Pu’s meticulous pondering and diligent practice. 

The exhibition provides a unique glimpse into Pu’s life and artistic career, highlighting his affinity for horses and his mastery in drawing them. Through his art, Pu expressed his artistic personality by using the horse as a metaphor for his aspirations and introspection. Additionally, the exhibition also sheds light on the Aisin Gioro family members’ fondness for horse-themed paintings.


Exhibition view at Prince Kung’s Palace Museum


A showcase at the exhibition hall at Prince Kung’s Palace Museum


Draft of a horse-themed painting by Pu Xinyu, from the collection of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum

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