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A jade vase with a lid and patterns of a dragon educating its son

Updated: Feb 20, 2023


Height: 19.05 cm, width: 7.62 cm

Former collection of Prince Kung’s Palace

This green jade vase has a dragon pattern atop its lid, with a lingzhi fungus pattern adorning the sides of the lid, and leaf patterns around its neck. Two lingzhi fungus-shaped ears with movable rings are symmetrically placed. 

The body depicts a senior dragon educating a junior dragon, which is a popular decorative pattern found on vessels after 1368. 

The vase was previously auctioned overseas, and was listed as No 56 in the auction list of the AAA Prince Kung Auction in New York in 1913. However, it has been returned to the museum and is now part of the permanent collection. The exquisite and vivid carvings showcase different carving crafts.

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