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Call for submissions: Prince Kung’s Palace and Shichahai Lake

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Lying on the west bank of Shichahai Lake, Prince Kung’s Palace is hailed as the pearl of this lake area. The two have kept a close connection with each other for more than 200 years.

The year 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum. Lectures themed on Prince Kung’s Palace and the lake are scheduled and a book of the same title will be published, in order to review the evolution of both Prince Kung’s Palace and Shichahai and reserve valuable materials of the palace from different time periods. The museum sincerely calls for submissions of artifacts and articles from the public.

Ⅰ. Date of the materials: from 1780, when the Prince Kung’s Palace was built, till today.

Ⅱ. Material forms: Submissions can include not only documents, letters, manuscripts, blueprints, newspapers, magazines, books, videos, calligraphy and paintings, certificates, silk banners, trophies and plaques related to the Prince Kung’s Palace during different historical periods, but also the indications, instructions, inscriptions and speeches by experts, scholars, celebrities, leaders at all levels and institutions that convey care for the Prince Kung’s Palace. The submission forms include documents, audio, videos, objects and other types.

Ⅲ. Content of the article: People and things related to Prince Kung’s Palace and Shichahai; recall articles written by or materials provided by people who have worked or lived at Prince Kung’s Palace or Shichahai; information about those people and materials of people living at Prince Kung’s Palace (with no copyright disputes).

Ⅳ. Other requirements for article submission:

① The article should be about 3,000 characters in Chinese or 2,000 words in English.

② The article should be coherent.

③ Once the article is accepted, the author will be given authorization and rewarded with the book. There is no payment for the article.

④ The deadline for the submission is April 30, 2023. The book is scheduled to be published this year. 

⑤ E-mail address for submission: gwfsch@126.com

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