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Dihua Pavilion

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


Dihua Pavilion in Prince Kung's Palace


A night view of an attached veranda of the Dihua Pavilion

The Dihua Pavilion is located west of the Bat Pond in Prince Kung's Palace. Its name derives from an inscribed plaque given by Emperor Xianfeng (r. 1851-1861). 

When they were children Emperor Xianfeng and his brother Prince Kung developed a set of methods to hone their competence and skills in using spears and knives on future battlefields.

Their father, Emperor Daoguang (r. 1821-1850), awarded them two separate royal names, which were "Dihua Xieli" (uphold the ruling of the Qing Dynasty with concerted efforts) and "Bao'e Xuanwei" (flex the muscle of the Qing Dynasty). He hoped they would make concerted efforts to prolong the life of the Qing Dynasty.

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