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Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water: Chu style lacquerware and Lacquer Art Innovation Exhibition

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Location: West Zone One


Themed on Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water, the exhibition's curator has selected the qin, or Chinese lute, as its representative image. 

It showcases the unique charm of Chu style lacquerware painting technology in the representative project of national intangible cultural heritage items through the technical process of producing and painting. Lacquerware has a long history in China, famous for its good physical properties, wide practical value and strong artistic expression.

Chu people had a special preference for lacquerware. Both the types and the number of lacquerwares far exceeded those of other countries at that time. The unique style of Chu lacquerware is in rich and colorful categories, with exotic and mysterious shapes, complex and exquisite workmanship and noble and elegant patterns.

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