Princess Benedikte of Denmark Visited Prince Kung’s Palace Museum

On the afternoon of June 15, 2016, Princess Benedikte of Denmark visited Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, with the company of Aide-de-camp Ms. Tescou and cultural secretary Mr. Fries from Embassy of Denmark in China. Mr. Sun Xuguang, director of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum and Mr. Chen Xiaowen, deputy director of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum received the delegation and accompanied them in the tour.

Mr. Sun first extended a warm welcome to Princess Benedikte of Denmark, saying that Prince Kung’s Palace Museum and the Royal Danish House enjoy a long-term friendship and have maintained cultural communication as well as friendly exchanges since 2007, hence it’s an honor for Prince Kung’s Palace Museum to win trust and support from the royal house and become the messenger of China-Denmark friendship. Later he introduced the history and current situation of the museum and accompanied the guests to several unique exhibition halls including Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Base, Duofu Pavilion, Jiale Hall, Xijin Studio, and the Grand Theatre Tower.

Princess Benedikte visited the on-going exhibitions in Prince Kung’s Palace Museum with great interest, such as “Inkstone Comes First in Four Treasures of the Chinese Study--Traditional Ink-stone Making Skills Exhibition” and “Brush and Ink Autonomy: Liu Yuquan Bird-and-Flower Painting Exhibition”. She also savored Ya’an Tibetan tea and Qimen black tea, having a taste of Chinese tea art, followed by appreciation of Guqin music show.

In the exhibition hall of “Beauty of Lacquer---Chinese Lacquer Masterpieces Exhibition”, Mr. Chen Ji, deputy director-general of Fujian provincial cultural department and Mr. Qiu Zhijun, deputy director of Fujian Art Museum introduced the techniques of bodiless lacquer ware in Fujian and how traditional crafts are incorporated with modern art in the creation of lacquer paintings and artworks of different styles and themes. Princess Benedikte said that her knowledge of Chinese lacquer was limited to exquisite carved red lacquer, which she fancied a lot and this visit is rewarding in deepening her understanding of Chinese lacquer.

Princess Benedikte extended her heart-felt thanks for the warm welcome and spoke highly of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum’s efforts in protecting the cultural heritage site, opening it to the public and promoting Chinese culture through displays and exhibitions. She also expressed her wish to visit Prince Kung’s Palace Museum during her next trip to China.

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