Hundred Years of Inheritance for Meeting You Today – Diversified Activities at “Splendid China” Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion Shows

With the coming of the 2017 China “Culture and Natural Heritage Day”, "Splendid China – Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion Shows” was launched at the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum (PKPM) on June 5-10 under the support of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Department of the Ministry of Culture (MOC) and led by PKPM in cooperation with the ICH office of China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), the Organizing Committee of China Fashion Week, and the Institute of Costume of Minzu University of China through careful early-stage preparation in order to thoroughly implement the “‘Revitalization Plan for Traditional Chinese Techniques’ by MOC, MIIT and MOF” published by the General Office of the State Council, and facilitate ICHs to come closer to and integrate into the modern life.

The activities include: a “static” exhibition and a “live” demonstration by inheritors of national ICH – Su Embroidery co-organized with Suzhou New District Administrative Committee (SNDAC); three academic seminars on “Su Embroidery”, "Traditional Clothes and Accessories” and the inheritance and protection of “Traditional Textile, Dyeing and Embroidery Techniques”; and six “dynamic” fashion shows on Chinese ICHs. The activities selected some examples of ICH projects applied in modern fashion, to interpret the creative transformation and innovative development of great traditional culture by displaying the states of traditional Chinese techniques revitalization and ICH promotion in daily life.

ICH Fashion Shows – Traditional Techniques with a New Face of the Age

"Ink and Washing Suzhou” Su Embroidery Fashion Show

On June 5 to 10, six fashion shows on Su Embroidery, ICH fashion, Chaozhou Embroidery and others that were results of the close combination of ICH and modern life were brought about by several famous fashion designing teams such as BIFT, NE·TIGER, CHUYAN, DUXI, Eve de Cina, Yazhi Dongfang, DRita, and FAMORY, which use the power of designing to protect traditional Chinese craft skills.

"Ink and Washing Suzhou” Su Embroidery Fashion Show

The integration of national ICHs (Su Embroidery, Jing Embroidery, Guangdong Embroidery, Song Brocade, Nanjing Yun Brocade hand-woven skill, Suzhou silk tapestry woven skill, Gambiered Guangdong gauze dyeing and finishing technique, etc.) and modern clothing design reproduced the exquisiteness and delicacy of traditional craft skills, and created splendid oriental beauty with the thick and strong Chinese style.

Academic Seminar on Traditional Craft Skills Revitalization – Study for Development and Development facilitating Study

Seminar on Site

The “Academic Seminar on Traditional Craft Skills Revitalization” was held at the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum on June 5, 7 and 8 respectively on Su Embroidery, traditional clothes and accessories as well as the inheritance and protection of traditional textile, dyeing and embroidery techniques, where the attended experts conducted in-depth discussions on relevant topics.

The “Academic Seminar on Traditional Craft Skills Revitalization” is a brand project of PKPM in terms of ICH work. It takes the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture as its responsibility, and strives to realize the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture by combining exhibition, protection and academic study together, and sticking to parallel implementation of project inheritance and work innovation. It also takes “Study for Development and Development Facilitating Study” as a principle that regards academic discussion, subject study, workshop and training as the core to drive and improve the brand development and influence of ICH exhibitions and performances, and in turn uses the ICH exhibition and performance as the extension to facilitate and strengthen the study in relevant professional fields.

Seminar on Site

PKPM has also signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with CNTAC, SNDAC and BIFT, to take the study and preservation of Chinese ICH traditional craft skills as the main task, give play their respective advantageous resources, as well as carry out wide and deep cooperation in multi-fields including the ICH study of traditional clothes and accessories.

Su Embroidery Exhibition – Static Exhibition and Live Performance Displaying Technique Inheritance and Development

Exhibition on Site

Exhibition on Site

Su Embroidery Exhibition was co-organized by PKPM and SNDAC, comprising of a “static” exhibition and a “live” on-site performance and including 3 themes – “Su Embroidery Stories in Towns”, "Inheritance at the Fingertip”, and “ICH Returns to Life”. Two representative national ICH inheritors of Su Embroidery (Yao Jianping and Yaohuifen), thirteen arts and crafts masters from Jiangsu, eight celebrities in arts and crafts of Jiangsu jointly and systematically organized the traditional stich skills of Su embroidery in history, and reproduced some classic representative works, fully demonstrating the profound cultural foundation of Zhenhu, Suzhou as the hometown of embroidery.

Live Performance by Su Embroidery Artists

At the exhibition site, we feel the temperature of craft skills and the inheritance of culture through the face-to-face communication and hand-to-hand interaction between the national ICH inheritors and visitors.

"Splendid China” – Building an ICH Fashion Show Cultural Brand

As a first-class national museum in China and a displaying and protection base for national intangible cultural heritages, Prince Kung’s Palace Museum has hosted various exhibitions and performing activities for ICH projects in recent years. In October 2016, in order to promote the exchange and cooperation between traditional ICH embroidery techniques and the modern fashion industry including the clothing and textile sector, combine traditional culture and modern life, and use artistic innovation concept to explain a new ecosystem of “traditional crafts + designing power”, PKPM organized a series of activities themed on “Splendid China”, which has been committed to cultivating a cultural brand for Chinese ICH fashion shows during the past year with the guidance and support from the ICH Department of MOC, aiming to better preserve, inherit and promote Chinese intangible cultural heritages, and drive the integration and development of ICH humanistic values and social values.

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