The First National Children’s Art Works Exhibition is Launched

The first National Children’s Art Works Exhibition was launched in Prince Kung"s Palace Museum and Beijing Times Art Museum in order to deeply implement the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the era of President Xi Jinping and the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress, to practice the spirits embodied in the reply to the old professors of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) by General Secretary Xi Jinping. It will help to do a good job of children’s aesthetic education, to discover and cultivate excellent children painters, and to improve the aesthetic perception and creation capabilities of Youth and children. Hosted by both the Chinese Artists Association (CAA) and the Foundation of Chinese National Arts and Culture, the Exhibition was jointly organized by Children"s Arts Council of CAA, Youth & Children Exhibition and Promotion Center of CAA, Prince Kung"s Palace Museum Exhibition Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Children Aesthetic Education and Culture Development Center of the Foundation of Chinese National Arts and Culture, Children Art Education Research Center of CAFA, Beijing Times Art Museum and the International Creation and Research Center of Illustration Art.

This exhibition is a nationwide large-scale exhibition of children art works held by CAA for the first time over the years; it is also a large, academically authoritative and comprehensive exhibition focusing on the Chinese children population. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the exhibition invited contributions with theme on “Me and my Motherland”, in bids to publicize the patriotism and to cultivate the socialist constructors and successors that are fully developed in terms of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetic and labor.

The judging panel for the exhibition consists of experts selected from the judge pool, including experts of children art committee of CAA, famous experts of art colleges and universities, and those well-known art theorists and painters.

This exhibition falls into four groups: preschool children, Grades 1-3 pupils; Grades 4-6 pupils, and junior middle school students. It openly invited contributions from 34 provincial administrative regions in the country, receiving about 80,000 effective contributions. According to the assessment by experts, totally 781 children authors from 29 provinces have qualified for the exhibition.

According to the grouping of the contributions, the chosen works are exhibited in Prince Kung"s Palace Museum (for junior middle school students and stereo works) and Beijing Times Art Museum (for preschool children, Grades 1-3 pupils, and Grades 4-6 pupils).

The public good is stressed throughout the exhibition. In other words, the entrance is for free. Each child painter selected will obtain a qualification certificate and a big-sized fine album issued by the hosts.

The exhibition area of Prince Kung"s Palace Museum will be opened until July 20, and Beiing Times Art Museum, until June 30.

Exhibition area of Beijing Times Art Museum

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