The Guardians

Dates: Since May 1, 2014

Location: east and west side halls of Yin’an Hall

Organizer: Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture

Planning: Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture

“The Guardians: A Special Exhibition of Confiscated Cultural Relics of the Beijing Customs during the Past 30 Years Allocated to Prince Kung’s Palace Museum” is a special permanent exhibition held by Prince Kung’s Palace Museum to demonstrate the strong support of Beijing Customs for its undertaking. The exhibition is held at the east and west side halls of Yin’an Hall (Hall of Silver Peace), an important exhibition area on the middle road of the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum.

On July 3, 2013, the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum officially took over more than ten thousand cultural relics and artworks confiscated by the Beijing Customs since 1980s. This event is remarkably significant for both of the two sides. For Beijing Customs, the cultural relics saved on the battlefront against smugglers in the past 30 years finally have a good destination, while for the Museum, this generous gift has undoubtedly opened a brand new chapter in the conservation of cultural relics, given that many were lost during the past century.

More than 600 pieces are carefully selected from the total ten thousand cultural relics and displayed at the exhibition. The exhibits include ceramics, coins, jade, books, paintings, ancient calligraphy, Buddhist statues and instruments for writing, with high historical and artistic value.

This exhibition shows gratitude not only to the Beijing Customs, but to such higher authorities as the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, who have extended tremendous support to the Museum. Furthermore, it tries to demonstrate to different walks of society that our national cultural treasures will be conserved and utilized to the largest extent in the Museum.

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