Qing Dynasty’s Princely Mansion Culture

Dates: since August 2008
Location: Yin’an Hall
Organizer: Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture
Planning: Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture

The Qing Administration adopted a policy of “Investiture but no Power” against imperial family members, who were given a prince title and a mansion, but no freedom to leave the capital. A large number of noblemen gathered in Beijing, gradually forming the relatively exclusive but steady nobility. The princely mansion culture thus emerged.

As an important part of the imperial culture, princely mansion culture exchanges and integrates with the folk culture, functioning as a bridge between the imperial and folk culture and a link between the upper and lower classes of the society. Therefore it boasts a rich cultural connotation. The Prince Kung’s Mansion is until now the most completely preserved princely mansion in Qing Dynasty. That’s why it occupies a decisive position in the study of princely mansion culture.

The exhibition exposes the core of princely mansion culture to the public in an orderly and profound manner with the following topics: “Investiture system in Qing dynasty”, “Architecture of Princely Mansions”, “Qing Dynasty Princes who are vital to their nation” and “Life in Princely Mansions”, which can help visitors understand the rich, profound, intriguing and mysterious princely mansion culture in a direct, vivid and orderly way. This exhibition includes related cultural relics preserved in museums like Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, the Palace Museum, the National Museum and Beijing Art Museum as well as relevant archives in the First Historical Archives of China. Among them, Baihong Blade Emperor Daoguang gave to his sixth son, the seal of the Regent Zaifeng, the decree of the Regent Dorgon in the early Emperor Shunzhi years as well as authentic calligraphy and paintings by princes are national cultural treasures, and it is the first time for many of these relics to be exhibited.

The exhibition is set on a landmark building, Yin’an Hall, on the middle road. This building was of the highest standards in the Mansion at that time. Here, visitors can get a clearer understanding of the basic contents and main forms of the Qing Dynasty princely mansion culture, experience its unique lifestyle and artistic tastes, and know about the historical functions of princely mansion culture.

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