A Brief Introduction of Prince Kung’s Mansion

Firstly built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty, Prince Kung’s Mansion is located deep in the shade of willows alongside the Shichahai Lake in Beijing. It was at this Mansion that Heshen(a powerful prime minister in Qing dynasty), Kurun Princess Hexiao(the 10thdaughter of Emperor Qianlong), Prince Qing Yonglin (the 17thson of Emperor Qianlong) and Prince Kung Yixin (the 6thson of Emperor Daoguang) were conferred their official title. Having Qianhai Lake to its east, Houhai Lake to its north, Liuyin Street to its west and Ping’an Street to its south, the Mansion is endowed with elegant ancient buildings, beautiful gardens as well as rich culture and history. Facing south, the whole Mansion occupies an area of over 60,000 square meters in total, of which 53,000 square meters are open to the public. Prince Kung’s Mansion has its residences in the front and gardens in the back, which are of similar size. The residences in the south of the Mansion are neat courtyards with three main roads and multiple entries, while the garden in the north creates three distinctive lines of landscape on the east, middle and west roads based on its conditions. Thus, the scenery changes at every step and boasts different styles. Prince Kung’s Mansion is therefore hailed as a sparkling pearl by the Shichahai Lake. Among all the buildings in the Mansion, the Back Screen Tower, the Western-style Gate, the Grand Theatre Tower, and the Stele of Fu are known as “three masterpieces and one treasure”.

Prince Kung’s Mansion is not only an important historical and cultural heritage, but also a famous museum and a popular tourist destination. It became a National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit in 1982, National 5A Tourist Attraction in 2012, National Second-level Museum in 2013, and National Non-material Cultural Heritage Demonstration Base in 2014.

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