Back Screen Buildings

Situated at the connection between the Residence and the Garden, the Back Screen Buildings refer to a row of over 50 buildings connected to each other, totaling more than 160 meters in length.

Nicknamed “99 rooms and a half”, this row of red buildings is the longest one in China’s princely architecture and one of the three uniqueness of the Mansion.The eastern part is Zhanji Building and the western Baoyue Building. The 5 rooms at the westernmost side is called “Little Maze” where exists the only indoor garden in China. By removing the floor slabs between the two storeys, the garden is equipped with exquisite pavilions, rockeries, artificial waterfall and a stream.

The front of the buildings has long corridors; and in the middle of the wall at the back of each room, a window was installed. The windows upstairs are decorated with delicate brick carvings and their forms are distinct from each other. In a downstairs room located in the west of the Buildings’ middle section, there is a door leading to the Garden at the back of the Mansion.

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