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Illustrating IV: Exhibition of International Illustration & Contemporary Life Opens in the Ledao Hall of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum



Illustrating Life IV: Exhibition of International Illustration & Contemporary Life, co-planned by the Exhibition & Activity Department of the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, Theoretical Research Department of the China Artists Association, and International Illustration Art Creation Research Center, was opened in the Ledao Hall of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum on March 25, 2019. Mr. Sun Xuguang, director of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, Ms. Ding Lei, party secretary of School of Art and Design of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and experts, scholars, artists from various art institutions and schools, as well as representatives from many companies and organizations which support the development of illustration art attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Zhang Jian, director of Exhibition & Activity Department of the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum.


A group photo of guests attending the opening ceremony


Ms. Zang Yingchun, professor from Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, first addresses the ceremony on behalf of the exhibition planning team. As she points out, illustration art belongs to the contemporary era and the future, to the Chinese nationality and the world, to the reality and our dream, to the artists and the people. The success of this exhibition can be attributed to all-time active participation by excellent international illustration artists, elaborate organization by Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, China Artists Association, and International Illustration Art Creation Research Center, as well as great support by a series of organizations including Illustration International, and People’s Literature Publishing House.


    Professor Wang Dongsheng, vice dean of School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology, says during his speech that he can feel the humanistic thinking by the planning team by seeing so many vivid works in such a fashionable exhibition among the historical buildings of Prince Kung’s Mansion in this bright spring season. The exhibition has embraced its 4th one, and become a brand of international exhibition with good quality. A series of art exhibitions held by Prince Kung’s Palace Museum over the years keeps presenting wonders in multiple halls of the Mansion buildings, which makes an ancient historical site truly alive. Every time I came for an exhibition, I would be very keen and have an even stronger feeling about the wonder of art. Our world will be very bleak without art.


   It is the third time for Ms. Zhang Yuntao, chief editor from Daylight Publishing House, which always gives support to Illustrating Life exhibition, to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the Museum. As a publisher of children’s book, she thinks it’s the most lively and youngest exhibition she has seen recently. Many young illustration artists can be seen at the site, and many familiar works of illustration artists can be seen in the hall. We publishers also feel delighted to see this exhibition every year. This artistic vitality activates the ancient Prince Kung’s Mansion and our publishing industry. The development of illustration art is significant for children’s books. Hope illustration artists present today can all become illustrators for children’s books and a special thank you to exhibition planners to provide a platform of presentation for illustration artists.



Professor Hu Xueqin from the Central Academy of Fine Arts is also a faithful audience of all editions of Illustrating Life exhibition. She said during her address that the exhibition is entitled Illustrating Life to show illustrations derive from life and bring wonderful ideas to life. Illustration was seldom treated as an independent subject in China. As digital media becomes more of the mainstream form of communication, people start to value again the pure painting fun in hand-made original illustrations. The works this year are as wonderful as those in previous years, from which we can feel the most primitive happiness when kids start to learn painting.



The first Illustrating Life: International Illustration Art Exhibition was held in 2015. And the following three times since the 2nd is consecutively held in the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum. This year the exhibition displays a total of 221 pieces of work, whose creators are from 17 countries including Estonia, Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Columbia, Netherlands, Canada, the US, Mexico, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Iran, Italy, the UK and China. They are all professional illustration artists, including many winners of famous international illustration contests like Bologna Children's Book Fair, and Kate Greenaway Award. The exhibition will last until May 5.




 (By the Exhibition and Activity Department)

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