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The Exhibition on  Chronicles  of  Songfeng  Painting  Society  Opened  in  Ledao  Hall

    On November 2, the Exhibition on Chronicles of Songfeng Painting Society, one of the serial activities celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Full Openness of Prince Kung’s Mansion, opened in the Ledao Hall of Prince Kung’s Mansion.

The site of the Opening Ceremony

    Mr. Zhou Yinong, vice chairman of 11th NPC Standing Committee, attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Sun Xuguang, director-general of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Bian Wei, deputy director-general, Mr. Zhang Jinghuai, Mr. Lei Zhenfang and Mr. Zhang Zheng from Qigong Research Society, as well as the descendants of members of the Songfeng Painting Society like Ms. Aixin Chongjia and Ms. Aixin Yunjia, descendants of Mr. Pu Quan, Ms. Aixin Yumin, descendant of Mr. Pu Xian, Mr. Jin Yuzhang, son of Mr. Pu Ren, and especially Ms, Yu Lan, 93-year-old daughter of Mr. Pu Jin, the only member of the Society alive, attended the Opening Ceremony. Other guests present at the event included many figures in the cultural and art circles like Mr. Jin Yunchang, calligraphy and painting expert of the Palace Museum, Professor Ye Peigui from Capital Normal University, Mr. Aixinjueluo Hengkai, Mr. Jin Dajun, Mr. Yanlong, accomplished disciple of Chinese zither master Zheng Minzhong, as well as Mr. Wang Yuebo, inheritor of traditional Chinese folk art forms.

Guests at site

Mr. Sun Xuguang was talking with the guests.

Signature of Ms. Yu Lan

    Mr. Sun Xuguang delivered a speech first and gave the following comments on Songfeng Painting Society, founded in 1925, a literati gathering of imperial kinsmen of Pu Yi Court in the period of Republic of China with their calligraphy and paintings:
    A careful study of Songfeng history shows a precious treasure left for us due to the persistence of Chinese traditional scholars. The members of Songfeng Painting Society not only excel in poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal, but have profound accomplishments in many traditional art forms including Kunqu Opera and Chinese zither. Prince Kung’s Mansion was the residence of Mr. Pu Ru, an important member of Songfeng Painting Society, and also its gathering place. Today when the excellent traditional culture gets more and more recognition, it is perfectly the right time to hold such an exhibition in the Prince Kung’s Mansion with comparison of the conflicts and disputes in opinions among the painting community in several decades.

Mr. Sun Xuguang was delivering a speech.

    Mr. Jin Yunchang expressed his full acknowledgement of this exhibition and congratulations on the successful cooperation between Prince Kung’s Palace Museum and Beijing Qigong Art Research Society. He commented that the planning and corresponding academic screening of this exhibition presented a three-dimensional description of the life and creation of the upper literati in Beijing in the 1930s to 1940s. The exhibition boasted an accurate positioning, strict selection and numerous excellent works, which reflected the great hard work of the hosts. As the main researcher of the culture of princely mansions in Qing Dynasty, the Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is worthy of respect and compliments for hosting this exhibition and advancing the relevant researches, as it fills the gap in the Chinese calligraphy and painting history of Songfeng Painting Society, an important art group in the period of the Republic of China, and profoundly interprets and carries forward Chinese excellent painting traditions.

Mr. Jin Yunchang was delivering a speech.

    As the representative of Qigong Research Society, Mr. Lei Zhenfang introduced the history of Songfeng Painting Society, and expressed his thanks to Prince Kung’s Palace Museum for hosting this exhibition.
In the part of Literati Gathering at the opening ceremony, Mr. Yan Long performed for the guests Song of a Pleasant Night, a famous work of Chinese zither by calmly playing the seven-stringed instrument on the table of 200 years of history in the hallway of Ledao Hall. After introducing the inheritance history of the traditional art form Chaqu, Mr. Wang Yuebo asked the performer to play the three strings. He himself played the small octagonal drum, and sung the song of Ode to the Moon, a song of clear articulation, mellow and full tune, abundant Beijing style, which praised the beautiful moon night but presented no Chinese characters of Yue (the Moon). Chinese zither and Chaqu were both popular art forms for self-entertainment of Songfeng members during their gathering in the past. All the guests present were intoxicated by seeing excellent works of Songfeng members and appreciating the elegance of Songfeng descendants at the former gathering place of Songfeng Painting Society.

Mr. Yan Long was playing Chinese zither.

Mr. Wang Yuebo introduced the inheritance of Chaqu.

    The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Wang Donghui, director of Collection Research Department of Prince Kung’s Palace Museum of the Ministry of Culture and Toursim.

Mr. Wang Donghui, director of Collection Research Department, was presiding over the opening ceremony.

    The exhibition will last until November 26 and exhibit over 180 pieces of works in two exhibition areas of Ledao Hall and Baoxia Hall. The exhibition display not only excellent works of calligraphy and painting by 14 main members of the Society, but also items used in their study and many audio-video materials to let the audiences get a deeper understanding and feeling of aesthetic styles and artistic pursuits of those Songfeng members. In the golden autumn, a stroll in the Prince Kung’s Mansion for this exhibition can help you comprehend the graceful bearing like clouds and water as well as the spirits of pine and cypress found in the Beijing painting masters of the past.

The staff of Prince Kung’s Mansion took a group photo with descendants of Songfeng members.

The site of exhibition

The site of exhibition

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