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“Thousand Years History of WeiRiver·The Capital of Art”: Achievement Exhibition Month of National WeiRiver Eco-cultural Protection Area (Weifang City) Opened





On July 23, also one of the 24 solar terms of China--the Great Heat, the Achievement Exhibition of National Wei River Eco-cultural Protection Area (Weifang City) themed at “Thousand Years History of Wei River · The Capital of Art” opened at Prince Kung’s Mansion and will last for one month. The event is co-organized by Prince Kung’s Palace Museum and Weifang Municipal People’s Government.



Officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Chinese National Academy of Arts, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute, Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Weifang Municipal People’s Government, as well as experts from cultural companies and intangible cultural heritage protection organizations attended the opening ceremony.





A performance session for intangible cultural heritage of Weifang was included in the ceremony, such as folk dances from Linqu and Changyi, folk arts of Zhucheng School Guqin, Gaomi Maoqiang, Anqiu Donglu Dagu (drum), and Zhucheng Clapper Talk, and manual skills of nut-carving, silver inlaid lacquer painting, red silk inkstone, silk, and embroidery, stunning the audience.





The main exhibition area consists of several parts: Preface, the Benevolent Find Joy in Mountains of Weifang Area, the Wise Cultivate Mind in Wei River, the Craftsman Improve Skills in Social Life, and the Loyalist Defend Country in History, vividly introducing the profound culture and distinct characteristics of Weifang. A series of performance activities will also be held in the exhibition month, involving more than 100 intangible cultural heritage (ICH) projects and over 500 ICH inheritors from Zhucheng, Linqu, Gaomi, Hanting, Changyi, Qingzhou, Anqiu, Shouguang, Changle, Weicheng, Kuiwen, Fangzi, etc. Moreover, an academic seminar on protection area building and revitalization of traditional crafts, a market investment promotion for Weifang culture in Beijing, a Weifang Snacks and Dishes Tasting activity and a sales exhibition of Weifang products will be organized during this period.





This is the first time for Weifang to organize comprehensive cultural promotion activities in Beijing, and the first special exhibition in Beijing on achievements made by the protection area since the set up of eco-cultural protection areas in the country. Carried out in various forms including display, performance, sales, researches, market investment promotion and artistic experience, the exhibition month enables visitors to experience the diversified Chinese culture from vision, hearing and taste, and to recognize the value and mission of heritage protection and culture inheritance.





The exhibition month is an innovative cultural exchange event with a high platform, large scale and long period, a vivid display of the inheritance and development of Wei River culture, and a summary and report of the achievements made in the 9-year’s building of Wei River Eco-cultural Protection Area. The organizer places the vivid protection results and beautiful life scenes in a condensed cultural space, reviewing the historical value and contemporary value of traditional culture, and reflecting on the innovative practice taken in the eco-cultural protection area.





The exhibition is located at the Traditional Chinese Skills Hall of the Mansion and will last till August 20.



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