Duofu Pavilion Indoor Rehabilitation Exhibition

Duofu Pavilion Indoor Rehabilitation Exhibition


Period: from Aug. 20th, 2008 to the present
Place: Duofu Pavilion
Main Sponsor: Prince Kung’s Mansion of the Ministry of Culture of China
Planning: Prince Kung’s Mansion of the Ministry of Culture of China


Located in the front yard of the Prince Kung’s Mansion east route, Duofu Pavilion is a guest room where Prince Kung greeted guests from home and abroad. At that time, Prince Kung Yi Xin, who handled political affairs, once received English and French combined armies’ negotiation representatives there. It is an important place that witnessed China’s foreign affairs in modern times.


According to historical documents and old photos, originally there was a “Duofu Pavilion” plaque bestowed by Emperor Xian Feng, hanging on the door lintel of the building, and a “Tong De Yan Li” (which means “to keep correspondence with the high rulers so as to keep your fortune lasts longer”) bestowed by Empress Ci Xi up on the screen door in the center of the pavilion. One couplet on the right side pillar writes “Yan QI Pan Tao Qiong E Jin Ke Qian Sui Guo”, and the other couplet on the left side pillar writes “Hui Fen Ruo Mu Yin Ying Cui Fu Jiu Hua Deng”. Besides there are twelve “Fu (happiness)” and “Shou (Longevity)” large plaques bestowed by Emperor Xian Feng, Tong Zhi, Guang Xu and Empress Ci Xi hanging on the wall surrounding the inside of the pavilion, and Duofu Pavilion is mostly named after it.


The inside scenery of the Duofu Pavilion is a rehabilitation exhibition of the time when Prince Kung Yi Xin took office, and displays the circumstance this once powerful Prince meeting Chinese and Foreign political heads. If tourists are inside the pavilion, they will have an intimate touch to that uncommon history when Prince Kung, the number one prince in the late Qing Dynasty, being head of the Qing Dynasty foreign affair authority, prime minister of military forces and Westernization Movement leader, meet important guests and discussed national issues. In the guest room of the Duofu Pavilion, a Prince Kung’s throne between two pillars’ couplets, beds for comforting, full sets of furniture and other antiques and items, reveal Prince Kung’s Mansion’s almighty temperament as the number one mansion in that special, unpredictable historical period, splendid and elegant. Duofu Pavilion after rehabilitation is undoubtedly the only ministerial imperial Prince’s guest room that opens to the public and also a window to audience for their understanding of the Qing Dynasty’s imperial princes’ etiquette of receiving guests and China’s foreign affair situations in the late Qing Dynasty.

Duofu Pavilion Indoor Rehabilitation Exhibition

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