Qing Dynasty’s Mansion Culture Exhibition

Qing Dynasty’s Mansion Culture Exhibition


Period: Aug., 2008 to the present
Place: Yin’an Hall
Main Sponsor: Prince Kung’s Mansion of the Ministry of Culture of China
Planning: Prince Kung’s Mansion of the Ministry of Culture of China


Qing Dynasty regulated her royal members by a principle of “blocking and not building”. The court granted royal members with titles and gave them royal mansions, but prohibited them to go outside the capital. Princes and dukes gathered at the capital, gradually a comparatively stable nobleman class came into being, and mansion culture thereupon was formed.


As part of royal culture, mansion culture merged with folk culture. It can be said that it is bridge between royal culture and folk culture. It has a link or a connection and very meaningful in culture. Prince Kung’s Mansion is by far the most well-preserved Qing Dynasty mansion, and it has a high place in research of mansion culture.


“Qing Dynasty Mansion Culture Exhibition”, through “Qing Dynasty’s investiture system”, “Qing Dynasty’s princes who are physically connected with the country”, “life in the mansion” , and other topics, vividly explains the core concept of mansion culture to the audience, to make them clearly, reasonably and iconically understand profundity and mystery of mansion culture. This exhibition has a large collection of cultural relics from the Palace Museum, National Museum, Beijing Art Museum and other associate museums, and precious files from the Number One Archive of China’s History. Among them, Baihong Blade Emperor Dao Guang gave to his sixth son Yi Yi, Prince Regent Zai Feng’s royal seal, written orders sent by the Prince Regent Dorgon in the first year of Emperor Shun Zhi’s reign, and other princes’ drawings and calligraphy, are all national treasure level relics. It is the first time for many cultural relics open to the public.


The place for this exhibition is Prince Kung’s Mansion’s symbolic structure, Yin’an Hall on the middle route of the Mansion. It is the highest royal mansion structure class in the Qing Dynasty. Audience can directly understand basic stories and main patterns of the Qing Dynasty’s mansion culture, more realistically feel living atmosphere and artistic taste, and know the important historical role of the Mansion.

Qing Dynasty’s Mansion Culture Exhibition

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