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Blossoms of Wisdom

Updated: Nov 09, 2022

Prince Kung's Palace is renowned for the Blossoms of Wisdom, an event that featured the gathering of scholars in the mansion during Prince Kung's period (1852-1898) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is also described in the Dream of the Red Chamber. During the period when Fu Jen University was installed in the mansion (1937-1952), the event won even greater popularity. However, social unrest and wars afterward caused the event to end.

In 2010, renowned scholar Zhou Ruchang (1918-2012) wrote two letters to the museum to propose the resumption of the event under the title Crabapple Poetry Society at Prince Kung's Palace. In response to Zhou’s proposal, in the early spring of 2011, Prince Kung's Palace resumed the gathering.

Presently, the Blossoms of Wisdom is a major part of China’s poetry sphere that goes beyond being just an ordinary cultural event.

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