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Echoes of Classics

Updated: Nov 03, 2022

Essential to the building of the museum's cultural brand, “Echoes of Classics: The Season of Intangible Cultural Heritage Performances at the Prince Kung's Palace Museum” is an event held during the annual celebration of China's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. Every year on that day, Kunqu Opera, guqin solos, nanyin band music and other traditional art forms are performed in the Grand Theatre at the museum. Many professional troupes also perform and put on many spectacular shows for lovers of traditional folk arts. 

As the only best-preserved building complex of prince-level residence of the Qing Dynasty  (1644-1911), the Prince Kung's Palace Museum is committed to protecting  and carrying forward the essence of traditional culture. As a public museum at the national level, it endeavors to function as a platform for cultural organizations and media so it can better fulfill its responsibilities and missions. 

In recent years, as part of its development the Prince Kung's Palace Museum has prioritized construction of a platform for the dissemination of excellent traditional culture.

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